Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Response to the Republican National Convention’s new Platform

Lexington, KY - Kentucky Equality Federation condemns the new political platform outlined at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, August 28, 2012. "The new platform towards gay marriage and a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage further removes and alienates the LGBTI community as well as equality minded people from the Republican Party," stated Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer. (related news on presidential transfer again at Kentucky Equality Federation)

"The only thing I have to say to them as far as passing a federal constitutional amendment is 'good luck.' If a constitutional amendment needs to be made to the U.S. Constitution, it should be to limit the amount of money corporations can contribute to campaigns, and limit the amount of money that can be spent on campaigning in each state. The corruption of Congress has been well documented in recent weeks by 60 Minutes, and 20/20."

Palmer continued: "Paid corporate lobbyists are effectively buying our federal representation. The federal government needs to be downsized and placed back in-check to its original charter by the several states.

By even mentioning a U.S. Constitutional Amendment, Republicans infringe not only on the sovereignty of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as the states of Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont but they are also attempting to force their own political agendas against the will of the citizens in those states.

This is the party of war. It has declared war on state sovereignty. It has declared war on voters which dissent from the Romney ticket by eliminating their delegates' right to be at the convention. It has now declared war on America's basic sense of justice and the most basic human rights of the LGBTI community. This has turned into a war of subjection and extermination, approaching the boldness of Hitler before his 'Final Solution.'

It is historical irony that the party created to end slavery, recognize a repressed people, and grant them the full civil rights due to them has lowered themselves to these levels. The LGBTI community continues to suffer and we are sick of our dignity and personhood constantly being trampled on. We have a right to exist, we have a fight to equality, we have a right to marry the person we love.

The tactics of the Republican National Convention remind me of the tactics used by former Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher, who rescinded an executive order placed by Governor Paul Patton to protect LGBTI people in Kentucky’s Government (Fletcher rescinded the order on Diversity Day, leading to Kentucky Equality Federation holding a rally outside the Governor’s Mansion during the Governor’s Annual Derby Celebration). Former Governor Fletcher, like the Republican National Convention, is also attempting to appease the very conservative right-wing hoping to garner additional votes and support. It backfired on Fletcher as it will backfire on the Republican National Convention.

On both a federal and state level, this further illustrates the need for a third political party. If the Republican Party cannot move past the LGBTI civil rights issue, it will be its undoing. In many states, including Kentucky, we have mobilization of the Green Party and the Modern Whig Party.

During the Republican National Convention, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell spoke about creating jobs. The creation of jobs is also the responsibility of the Governor and his cabinet secretaries. What, Governor McDonnell have you done to bring jobs to the Commonwealth of Virginia? Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has made several trips to several nations and opened Kentucky World Trade Center Offices to bring businesses from those nations to Kentucky in addition to meeting with their heads of state and government.

We are sick of being disenfranchised. We are going to exercise our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are our rights, not privileges you grant and take away. History is on our side, and we will not quietly let you exterminate and oppress us."

PUBLIC NOTICE: As required by the Bylaws of Kentucky Equality Federation and its affiliates, the non-executive Chairman of the Board, Brandon Combs "consulted and advised" the Office of the President on this press release.


Joan Shannon Garrison said...

The republican party needs to catch up with modern thought on social issues and quit wasting so mcuh energy and time trying to intrude on the lives of those who don't aggree with the conservative core's subjective morality.

Botton line: If something someone is doing does not infringe on someone else's rights, or cause anyone fiscal, material or physical harm, passing and enforcing laws against the behavior is government intrusion and inequality. That should be the lithmus test for whether any legislation is worth even considering

We do not need our legislators forcing their misguided social conscience into law. Decisions that only effect the individual and consenting parties should be left to the individual's disgression.

Republican party: Quit wasting our tax dollars and our legislative sessions on your hateful social agenda.


Allison said...

Damn right it is not! Fuck Republicans!

Brandon Combs said...

The unfortunate reality is that those in the upper echelon of the Republican Party are slowly alienating their younger party members. My suggestion would be to take a note from Meghan McCain. The Republican Party really should be the party to embolden the LGBT cause because of their baser belief that government should not interfere or dictate private citizens' lives, small government, and the like. Let us not forget that Abraham Lincoln, a pioneer in social rights for America's black population, was a Republican.

It is my sincerest hope that through the discourse of the Presidential election, those who disagree with the platform initiated at the RNC voice their disagreements so the party can move forward in a positive, constructive way.

If they cannot, then I would not be surprised to see a rapid growth of the Modern Whig Party.

Unknown said...

Right on Jordan! tell'em like it is and should be! The Kentucky Equality Federation has my Full support!