• Resolutions passed by the Board of Directors of Federation for Kentucky Equality, Inc. and Kentucky Equality Coalition, Inc. (collectively "Kentucky Equality Federation").  Joint resolutions are listed under Kentucky Equality Federation; individual Resolutions are listed under their respective corporation names.  This is a new feature for 2011, Closed Session Resolutions will not be made public; this is a major project for transparency purposes and older resolutions will be added as time permits. 

09/04/2012: ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATION - OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT an order by the president naming Jillian Hall the Vice President of Legal and the Allies (Straight) Community Outreach Director. (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

09/04/2012: ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATION - OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT - ALSO APPROVED BY THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD WHICH BINDS THIS REGULATION TO THE ENTIRE BOARD OF DIRECTORS prohibiting Kentucky Equality Federation Board members, officers, staff, interns, and volunteers from publishing propaganda during election seasons and lists news-sites with may be used as reference. All blogs, including the Huffington Post (blog) are prohibited. (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

07/08/2012: RESOLUTION permitting secured voting for leadership within the Board of Directors. This resolution is restricted to the election of Board leadership and not Board member. (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

08/17/2011: RESOLUTION outlining Presidential Succession Planning and granting the President the authority to appoint one or more Vice Presidents to assist in the duties of the Office of the President. (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

04/05/2011:  A RESOLUTION expanding and further defining the role of the Chair (Chairman, Chairwoman, Chairperson) of the Board of Directors.  (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

4/05/2011:  EMERGENCY: Closed Session of the Board of Directors. Limited Information Available. (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

03/04/2011:  A RESOLUTION urging the citizens of the Commonwealth and organizations planning a counter protest against the Westboro Baptist Church in Louisville or Owensboro to request donations from counter protestors to be split evenly between the House of Ruth which cares for families and individuals with or affected by HIV/AIDS, AIDS Volunteers, Inc. (AVOL) which serves 72 counties in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Kentucky, The Wings Clinic, which services Jefferson County and 7 surrounding counties, Moveable Feast which prepares and delivers hot, freshly cooked meals, five days a week, to people living with AIDS/HIV-related illnesses as well as individuals who are patients of Hospice of the Bluegrass, and Louisville AIDS Walk which raises awareness and funds for local HIV/AIDS Service Organizations through education, marketing and promotional activities and through participation of walkers and volunteers in a safe, fun, educational event.

The dogma preached by the Westboro Baptist Church should be transformed into a positive event instead of a negative one by engaging the community to get involved and support local and statewide organizations for people suffering with HIV/AIDS. (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

02/01/2011:  A RESOLUTION urging the Kentucky House of Representatives to pass House Bill 106 and the Kentucky Senate to pass Senate Bill 138. The Secretary of the Corporation shall mail, fax, or email a copy of this Resolution to each member of the General Assembly, or the President shall deliver a copy to each member in person with all signatures from 2011 on or before February 25, 2011. This is a true record of a joint resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of both Kentucky Equality Coalition, Inc. and Federation for Kentucky Equality, Inc. collectively, Kentucky Equality Federation, in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

03/18/2010:  A RESOLUTION that Kentucky Equality Federation is committed to securing peace, liberty, and equality for all Kentuckians, which by de facto must include their health and well-being. Kentucky Equality Federation condemns the inaction of the Appropriations and Revenue Committee of the House of Representatives for failure to secure the safety, and thereby the health of its citizens as provided under Section I of the Constitution of Kentucky by failing to fund Kentucky Aids Drug Assistance Program (KADAP). (view in .pdf) or (view in .xps)

09/19/2008:  A open floor meeting of the Board and Volunteers.  This Resolutions describes the relationship between Kentucky Equality Federation and Marriage Equality Kentucky.  Kentucky Equality Federation sponsors the Soulforce Equality Ride.  Kentucky Equality Federation adopts a new Development Protocol.  Kentucky Equality Federation discusses membership in the Kentucky News Services. (view in .pdf)