Friday, April 4, 2014

Ohio same-sex marriage ruling mirrors Kentucky's; taxpayer money being wasted

The ruling in Ohio is very similar to that in Kentucky. As with the Commonwealth, Ohio votes had a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. U.S. District Judge Timothy Black has announced he will issue a ruling similar to that of U.S. District Judge John Heyburn, allowing marriages performed in other states to be recognized within the state of Ohio. It is expected that the ruling will be released on April 14th, at which time the Governor is expected to appeal the decision.

"Appealing the decisions of these U.S. District Judges flies in the face of civil rights through an exercise of states' rights," stated Kentucky Equality Federation’s Chairman of the Board, Brandon Combs. "In the commonwealth of Kentucky, it has been estimated upwards of $1 million in taxpayer funds will be used to appeal the decision of U.S. District Judge Heyburn. The use of these funds in such a manner demonstrates a lack of forethought and understanding of the Commonwealth’s needs. This is a partial win for Ohio, and supports the position that Judge Heyburn almost verbatim. We must take these incremental wins as steps in the right direction; Equality for all people, everywhere."

"In Kentucky, the gay marriage ban violates our own Kentucky Bill of Rights. The state-sponsored subjugation of citizens’ rights to bans written by religious special interests is forcing LGBTI couples to seek relief in federal courts. As states continue to deny justice to their own citizens, even when ordered to do so by federal courts, they are leading their states into wasteful legal battles to avoid exercising their own responsibility. This 'Axis of Inequality' in America's heartland is doing damage to state constitutions, state sovereignty, and the rights of sovereign citizens,” said Kentucky Equality Federation President Joshua Koch.

In the guise of defending a phony democratic process, the cowardly politicians of these three states are protecting laws which violate their own constitutions. Rather than doing the right thing, our own governor, Governor Beshear, is using tax dollars to fight for the right to keep LGBTI taxpaying families locked away as second-class citizens. This pandering to fundamentalist extremists puts future generations at a disadvantage in enforcing their sovereign status against federal encroachment."

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