Thursday, January 6, 2011

Marriage Equality Kentucky names Halyn Roth Managing Director

Marriage Equality Kentucky™ today announced that long-term Kentucky Equality Federation™ volunteer Halyn Roth was named managing director of Marriage Equality Kentucky™.

"Being nominated and appointed Managing Director of Marriage Equality Kentucky™ is very important to me," stated Roth who was recently the Campaign Manager for Democrat Jim Holbert, who opposed Republican U.S. Representative Hal Rogers in Kentucky's Fifth Congressional District during the 2010 election.

Roth continued: "I am a believer in the Constitution and our rights as citizens to live our lives the way we see fit. That being said, I believe we have a Constitutional right to marry any consenting adult we choose, regardless of sexual orientation. I would utilize my experience as a Campaign Manager and as a political activist to bring marriage equality to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  I also intend to reach out to the religious community and attempt to form alliances with those who understand that our movement does not seek to destroy any religious institution, but rather equality under the laws of our Commonwealth and the United States. I will also lobby Kentucky lawmakers who may be "on the fence," by educating and persuading them to vote in favor of marriage equality."

  • Marriage Equality Kentucky™ has a Facebook group with over 7,500 members who support marriage equality in Kentucky, over 400 people who have signed public petitions, with an additional 4,230 people who have signed private petitions.  

Marriage Equality Kentucky™ is a member of the national organization, Marriage Equality USA™.

Marriage Equality Kentucky is an independent group funded by Kentucky Equality Federation. Marriage Equality Kentucky is also a member of Kentucky Equality Federation and recognizes the sitting president of Kentucky Equality Federation as their Ex-Officio President.

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer yesterday gave the appointment a "rubber stamp," approval as required by the Bylaws of Kentucky Equality Federation, and the Constitution of Marriage Equality Kentucky.

Kentucky Equality Federation Treasurer Dean Byrd called the appointment of Halyn Roth as Managing Director of Marriage Equality Kentucky "an excellent decision."

Julia Oiler Spiegel, the director of the Northern Kentucky Chapter COLAGE™ (Children Of Lesbians And Gays Everywhere, an international organization with 52 chapters in the United States) stated: "As an engaged lesbian in a committed relationship, I personally thank Halyn Roth and Jordan Palmer for their continued efforts and passion in helping to make a much needed change within the Commonwealth and throughout the country. I will help Mr. Roth anyway possible, and have a high degree of confidence in Jordan Palmer's decisions."

The COLAGE – Northern Kentucky Chapter is also a coalition ally and member of Kentucky Equality Federation.

Louisville based Jeffrey Johnson; the Central Kentucky Regional Director for Kentucky Equality Federation also offered his support to Roth.

"Just because the largely anti-gay Tea Party now controls the U.S. House of Representatives, in addition to losses of gay-friendly lawmakers in the Kentucky House of Representatives, we shall not hide in the dark, nor shall we retreat because a new political force originally founded to bring financial change is now pushing social change," stated Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer. "Though many national organizations are retreating, we shall not let the issue of marriage equality fall aside in Kentucky. We cannot allow social injustice to survive another generation; our time is now and we will continue to fight for peace, liberty, and equality regardless of opposition."

Richard T. Jones, Kentucky Equality Federation's Chairman of the Board announced that legislative priorities will be announced tomorrow after continued consultation with coalition partners, members, and allied organizations.

Kentucky Equality Federation owns the trademark "Marriage Equality Kentucky," but the Federation's Board of Directors permit Marriage Equality Kentucky to operate as a separate group and movement.

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