Monday, January 10, 2011

Funeral services concluded today for another Kentucky Equality Federation volunteer

Funeral services concluded today for Dustin Sizemore, a former volunteer for Kentucky Equality Federation. Mr. Sizemore died at the age of 23 years old.

When volunteering for Kentucky Equality Federation, Mr. Sizemore was the Leslie/Perry County Coordinator from 2007-2008.

Kentucky Equality Federation acknowledges that Mr. Sizemore had problems with school bullying and harassment growing up in such a rural area.  Kentucky Equality Federation defended and tried to counsel Mr. Sizemore on several occasions.  Many teenagers and young adults turn to drugs or alcohol to escape the bullying and/or harassment.

Kentucky Equality Federation wishes to express its deepest sympathy to his family.  Kentucky Equality Federation reminds the public that regardless of the circumstances of this death, Mr. Sizemore was a public advocate, and more importantly, a son and brother to a loving family. 

"I send my condolences to his family and am deeply saddened," stated Marriage Equality Kentucky™ Managing Director Halyn Roth.

"This is very sad to hear and the very reason that organizations like the Kentucky Equality Federation are so great to have. It really saddens me to hear this and my deepest condolences go out to his family," stated Kentucky Equality Federation Political and Community Blogger Anderson Ruth.

"Although I was not personally acquainted with Mr. Sizemore, he was a member of our family, a member of Kentucky Equality Federation's family and a close personal friend to many of our members, affiliates and coalition members. During this time of mourning and sadness I cannot help but feel the need to remind people who bully, harass, discriminate, intimidate, or shun the LGBTI community, it often leads them to suicide, or a life of drug or alcohol abuse to escape the pain. Mr. Sizemore himself made posts about this (such as the one about the Kentucky State Police, as well as the ARH Regional Medical Center in Hazard). If you know someone who needs help, please contact us online, or toll-free at (877) KEF-5775.  If we cannot help you personally, we will put you in direct contact with an organization that can." - Richard T. Jones, Chairman of the Board

Kentucky Equality Federation also lost a co-founder of Kentucky Equality Coalition, Inc. in late 2010.  Kimball Roy passed away on August 17, 2010 from a heart attack at the age of 45.

Mr. Roy also served as Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary of the Corporation for both Federation for Kentucky Equality, Inc. and Kentucky Equality Coalition, Inc. (collectively called Kentucky Equality Federation).

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