Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kentucky Equality Federation demands action from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for discriminating against a gay person

Lexington, KY -- Kentucky Equality Federation expressed outrage today toward the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for discriminating against a gay male attempting to remove his sister's children from foster care.

Jeffrey Thompson of Louisville, KY was visited by a social worker who assumed he was gay. According to Thompson, the social worker never actually asked him.

The most disturbing item on the report is the social worker stating: "The relationship and roles of the adults [Mr. Thompson and his partner] are fraught with the possibility of long-term illness/disability and domestic violence."

"This is absolutely outrageous," stated Kentucky Equality Federation Founder and Public Advocate Jordan Palmer. "The Cabinet is apparently assuming the couple will contract HIV/AIDS. This is a clear bias against the LGBTI community. The Cabinet also pointed out that one of the adults not being a relative was also a cause for concern [Mr. Thompson's partner].... well, in foster placement, they are surrounded by strangers. I think the gay and lesbian community here in Kentucky is getting pretty sick of being discriminated against because of homophobia."

Palmer also added that the Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled on same-sex second parent adoption, so Mr. Thompson's partner should not be a factor. (press release)

"Mr. Thompson and his partner have been together since April 29, 2008," added Chairman Richard Jones." Also, Mr. Thompson reports that neither he nor his partner have any health problems, and have never fought. The actions of the Cabinet are a direct result of bias against our community. I cannot believe the Commonwealth would rather have these children in foster care instead of their Uncle Jeffrey. The 'Overall Assessment' stated in the report is completely unacceptable, and assumes they will contract a deadly disease because of their sexual orientation."

Jeffrey Thompson stated: "I think that the cabinet didn't recommend placement because of the fact that Michael and I are homosexuals. I think the cabinet believes that homosexuals will contract a disease or have domestic violence in their lives, which has led them to say there is "concern" and deny placement." Thompson continued: "I would describe the demeanor of the social worker to be very assuming; he will draw his own conclusions without seeing or hearing the facts. He is very unhelpful and rude at times."

Several Kentucky Equality Federation Committee members specialize in child placement and adoption, and have been working with Mr. Thompson along with Chairman Richard Jones.

Kentucky Equality Federation calls on Inspector General Mary R. Begley, the Office of the Ombudsman, and Cabinet for Health and Family Services Secretary Janie Miller to investigate the matter immediately.

Federation Founder and Public Advocate Jordan Palmer also sent a copy of the report to Kerri Richardson in the Governor's Communications Office about this issue.

"Mr. Thompson is ready and willing to cooperate with the Cabinet and make any reasonable changes, in addition to attending child caring classes," added Jones. "However, the basis for the denial of placement is itself discriminatory."

Louisville based Jeff Johnson, Kentucky Equality Federation's Regional Director for the Bluegrass Region has also been briefed about the case and will also maintain contact with Jeffrey Thompson and his partner.

NOTICE: Reports are attached. However the names of the children cannot be released, and anything that contains their name(s) has been blacked out.


Tyler said...

I got carried away with typing and forget 1 BIG detail in first paragrah at end very last word...I meant NON-fact for this is not FACT!!!!!!!

Tyler said...

Hilarioussss!!!!!!!Just complete Hilariousness is all you can do. I used to feel sorry for the ignorant and uneducated..Now I just lmao!!! So let me see if I am getting these facts straight,uh,if your gay you may catch aids and therefore possibly have longterm heatlh probs that would not be good for caring for children....uh ok , how about the MILLIONS of heterosexual individuals and couples which has by far exceeded the gay community, and actually always has exceeded it, you get a minority group who contracted this early in years when this was just heard of and all of sudden it is their fault ????Interesting and retarded concept, but I can see how they come to that conclusion from all the ignorant followers who support such fact!.

This 1 is by far the most hilarious...DOMESTIC VIOLENCE???? WHAT!!!!!!!?????Gay relationships by far last much longer than any marriage around and go through less turmoil with infedelity, let alone Domestic Violence...I have heard of every single day a married couple would either be coming to the hospital where I worked from something to do with their husband beating them or their wife stabbing them, rarely , I mean extreme rare do u ever see or hear of a gay partnership ever being the foster care center on the other hand...lets see , we will start out with the home this child gets sent to first and will be 9 out of 10 abused and then the second home 9 out of 10 will be molested by someone in the home or a good ole redneck friend that stops by the home for the daily beer chat,then the other homes , well you find alot that ends up dead from just complete neglect...OH YEA , I CAN SEE HOW PEOPLE FEEL THEY NEED TO COME UP WITH EXCUSES WHY TO KEEP THEM OUT OF THE LOVING HOME THEY COULD HAVE TO REPLACE THEM WITH THIS!!!!!!! What are we getting back to the 1920's people?? Not gonna happen

I know my straight ..entire straight family raised me with anything and everything I ever wanted, as well as trips to every state in the U.S. as well as a few out of the U.S. for vacations etc. and uh hello folks. I turned out being Transgender, for those folks who are uneducated and thinks 1 is the same ..its not, born female and I am now a much for the theory if u have gay parents you will have and teach your kids to be gay..hmmm interesting cause I would think u r trying to say if they are straight parents then you will teach against this and your kids will be straight???? hmmmm another hilarious concept that has evolved from another ignorant uneducated mind. I could go on for days, just 1 last thing, the bible deal that people try to throw out scriptures and so forth , continue doing that for you are all hypocrits because , God is a god of love, not Hate not prejudice but LOVE!! So as u all commit your sins of judging for NO ONE is to JUDGE but GOD himself!!!!!! Have a nice day folks, and run along and educate yourself before you post ignorant responses and let the whole world realize and see just how ignorant you are!!

regina lee said...

Dear Pissed OFf: That really makes you sound intelligent. WOW Good luck with that.

Leviticus 18:22 said...

Leviticus 18:22: You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

Pissed Off said...

Cabinet for Health and Family Services is FUCKED up anyway!
That would be just like us idiots here in Kentucky. Boy with Rand Paul and the other issues we sure are showing the world what a bunch of idiots we are here in our COMMONWEALTH. WTF is so "common" about our diversity and wealth here in Kentucky? Nothing? The Cabinet for Health and Family Services is also well known for being corrupt. FTS. I think we would all move to one state or commonwealth and the entire population is thereby gay or lesbian. Then we can make our own fucking laws and do WTF we want to do.

Thank you for standing up for this person, but in Kentucky it is a waste of time and energy. Plus we have that God Damn idiot blogger from Louisville just making everything so much better, the only person he seems to like is himself and the sound of his own propaganda.

Fuck this, let us move. Who is with me?