Saturday, April 29, 2017

#KY #KYJudge #JudgeNance #KY43District Kentucky Judge Nance does the right thing in recusing himself


Dillan Marsh, Executive Director
Secretary General’s Office of Special Affairs
PH: (502) 219-2533

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"I wish every judge in the Commonwealth would have the moral decency and stateliness to recuse themselves with they are biased. As the judge cited a Kentucky ethical rule that says judges must disqualify themselves when they have a personal bias or prejudice." - Jordan Palmer, secretary-general

"In practice, however, Kentucky has too many biased judges sitting on the bench without the moral imperative to declare it and recuse themselves. In the past, this Federation has had commonwealth's attorneys' override district judges decisions not to prosecute, rule against LGBTI couples, and show complete contempt for LGBTI people because of their own prejudice. They remained on the bench without the required ability to separate personal beliefs or prejudice from the rule of law or have the dignity to recuse themselves."


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