Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lexington's billboard - homosexuality is a sin; abortion is murder

Joshua Koch, President

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Lexington New Circle Road Billboard
Lexington New Circle Road Billboard
LEXINGTON, KY - Lexington drivers have been subjected to an offensive and divisive message. Bluegrass Church of Christ posted a billboard condemning the LGBTI community and abortion using Old Testament references.

While we respect the right to free speech, we condemn Bluegrass Church of Christ for leaving out other parts of the Bible, a practice known as “prooftexting” in some Christian circles. There are plenty of passages extolling good behavior, such as helping the widow and orphan, aiding the sick, and forgiving others.

Likewise, there are portions of the Bible which also contain stories of graphic violence and practices which we question today. For instance, there are plenty of passages which describe beating people to death with rocks for minor crimes, amputating limbs for petty offences, endorsing polygamy, allowing incest to go unpunished, and recommending genocide and repression of women and certain ethnic groups. Is the Bluegrass Church of Christ prepared to endorse these Bible passages?

This is a grandstanding attempt by a local church to divide Lexington’s community and to provide moral cover for discrimination, asserting that homosexuality is somehow anti-God and making a vague comparison of homosexuality to murder.

Recently, a lesbian couple was kept out of a prom at a religious school for having the bravery to acknowledge their own identities. If the faith community of Lexington continues to silently tolerate this public humiliation and discrimination of the LGBTI community in our area, it will have abandoned Christ’s commandment to love your neighbor.

We call on religious congregations and groups of all faiths in the Lexington area to forsake and condemn these discriminatory actions.

We, as the Kentucky Equality Federation, condemn this ongoing pattern of persecution which is being carried out in the name of religion.

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