Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kentucky Equality Federation warns three (3) Kentucky schools about school bullying

Kentucky Equality Federation yesterday warned Red Bird Mission School, Clay County Schools, and Grayson County Schools that immediate action must be taken to bring themselves into compliance with Kentucky school-bullying laws.

- Clay County Schools Warning
- Grayson County Schools Warning
- Red Bird Mission School Warning

The warnings went out by email and copies faxed today to each school.  So far, the Superintendent of Grayson County Schools has responded to Kentucky Equality Federation, opening dialogue by email with Kentucky Equality Federation's School Bullying Committee.

"Kentucky Equality Federation has received multiple reports from each school," said Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer. "The problem is the lack of enforcement and an lack of understanding of existing Kentucky school bullying laws. From Principals and Guidance Counselors to Teachers, they are not aware of the Commonwealth's existing school bullying laws, which was confirmed today after speaking to multiple parents and a County Attorney."

Palmer continued:  "We have reports that some children have attempted suicide: School officials have contacted parents stating they found razor marks on a teenager's arm. Another was preparing to take a lethal dose of acetaminophen, along with other deliberate self injuries. These students are being offensively labeled as fat, fa--ot, grease monkey, wetback, sl-t, and ni--er just to name a few. As if this hate speech wasn't enough, some victims are also being pushed into lockers, held against their will in restrooms, and tripped down stairs. The situation has gotten out of control, and, if these school authorities will not protect their students, we will seek legal protection for them. That this goes on unchallenged by authority figures is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated any further."

The National Bully Police gives the Commonwealth's anti-bullying laws an A++ Rating. House Bill 91 was proposed in 2008 and passed by the Kentucky House of Representatives. The Senate passed it, and it was signed into law by The Honorable Steve Beshear, governor of the commonwealth, on April 15, 2008. The law is commonly referred to as “The Golden Rule Act.”

“The Commonwealth has apparently made no effort to educate or enforce KRS Chapter 508, KRS 158.444, KRS 158.148, KRS 525.070, or KRS 525.080," Palmer said. "One Guidance Counselor stated she had never even heard of these laws, when they were pointed out to her by Kentucky Equality Federation.”

“It does absolutely no good to pass new legislation when existing legislation isn’t being enforced or education officials have no knowledge of the law,” stated Kentucky Equality Federation Vice President of Policy & Public Relations, Joshua Koch. “How can someone be certified as a ‘Guidance Counselor’ and have no knowledge of the law? Why is the principal of the school, the chief administrator, allowing their subordinates to remain ignorant of new laws? Kentucky Equality Federation is not simply an equality organization, we also seek to enhance the lives of all children and fight school bullying. We regret that it has fallen to us to keep these school systems informed of new education laws, as this shows a systemic flaw in Kentucky's education community.”

Palmer stated that each school had until March 30th to comply with the following:

  • Allow Kentucky Equality Federation officials to discuss school bullying with the entire student body of each school. Combating school bullying is one of Kentucky Equality Federation's principal goals in its mission statement.
  • Implement a school bullying reporting policy.
  • Educate all school officials on Kentucky school bullying laws.
  • Begin immediate enforcement of Kentucky school bullying laws.

Kentucky Equality Federation will sue on behalf of the bullied in any school that does not work with us on these issues.


Anonymous said...

if ky. and other states would bring back spanking in our school system, there would be less problems with our STUDENTS,but no the so called cool parents don't want their kids punished that way. they'd rather have what we got now ,nothing. we have more violence in school now more than ever. because they're is no in school punishment.

Linda said...

Well it is about time someone started standing up for our kids. Manchester/Clay County is the worst in Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are exactly right. The school cannot discipline the students because of fear of law suits. So you discipline them you get sued, you don't discipline them you get sued. If parents would discipline children at home then we might not have problems at all the schools. Schools should be allowed to paddle children and some of these issues would take care of themselves.

Robert Mulins said...

I completely agree with you a good spanking never heart any kid. In the old days Teachers could even hit our hands with rulers for disobeying and now children are 100% completely out of control and no one save Kentucky Equality Federation is doing anything about it. Punching a child is not the same as spanking a child. I watched a speak on TV when a mother spanked her child and the child called social services and was removed from the home, from then forward the parent was afraid to punish the child.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the paddle in the schools , was abusive teachers using excessive force when spanking kids .

Anonymous said...

I know first hand what it is like to be bullyed physicaly, verbaly , and emotionaly. To be called hurtfull crule names , to get beat on by six to ten boys at a time , while the teachers stood and watched . I ended up bleeding , cut , brused , and with nots on my head after beeing foot ball tackled by severial of the boys every time i would get up , after being pounded on untill i fell to the ground , at which time i would end up getting stomped , and kicked . One of the boys caught me in the rest room , and harrased me sexuialy . He walked up behind me grabed me and pushed his private part threw between my legs , continuing to hump it in and out between my legs . He went as far as to push me down on to a sink and started to un do my jeans , i was terifide , but i knew if i said any thing i would get another beating . Then i got called a queer by him once i returned to the room , him and severial of the other kids started making fun of me , and telling me they knew i liked it because i was a queer . The sad fact was i did get tore up over it , even though i was afrade at the same time . Up untill that point dont think i was totaly gay , because i use to find girls attractive , but after that incident i became more attracted to guys .
Even though at that time the teachers could use the paddel , and could have prevented almost all the beatings , and verbal abuse , but because i was not the teachers pet they got by with it .Then when i did try to take up for my self i would end up getting a beating with the paddel , along with the beatings i had already got from the other boys . So not only should their be a 0 tolerance for bullying , but a 0 tolerance for theachers which would turn a blind eye to the bullying . As well as 0 tolerance for theacher playing favorites with the kids .