Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kentucky Equality Federation sent out a survey to candidates seeking the Commonwealth's highest office, Governor. The Gatewood/Riley Campaign is the first the respond, all survey's will be released prior to the election.

Kentucky Equality Federation thanks the Gatewood/Riley Campaign to be the first to respond.

Kentucky Equality Federation does not endorse political candidates; as the Commonwealth's largest all-volunteer gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex organization we will publish the questions we asked and the responses for all the see. Answers will soon be published in a spreadsheet.

Candidates who do not respond to our survey will be listed as "No" to all questions:

1. Do you believe the federal government exceeds its original charter and needs to be downsized? YES

2. Do you believe each State has the right to nullify and/or condemn federal legislation and prohibit its enforcement? YES

3. Do you believe in bully-free schools, including protections for LGBTI people from school bullying? YES

4. Do you believe in human gender-neutral:
Marriage: YES
Domestic Partnerships: YES
Civil Unions: YES

5. Do you believe the Commonwealth should recognize human gender-neutral marriage performed in other States? YES

6. Do you believe in amending the Kentucky Civil Rights Act of 1966 to include sexual orientation and gender identity? NO

7. Do you believe in a Kentucky statewide equality law that prohibits LGBTI discrimination in:
Kentucky Government Jobs: NO
Private Sector Jobs: NO
Accommodations: NO
Housing: NO
Credit: NO

8. Do you believe in same-sex:
Adoption: YES
Serving as Foster Parents: YES

9. Do you believe people must register as Democrat or Republic in order to vote in Primary Elections? NO

10. Do you believe Independents should have equal ballot access to run for public office? YES

11. The State of Hawaii saves a lot of money by combining the Office of Lt. Governor with that of Secretary of State (the Lt. Governor is also the Secretary of State). Since Kentucky’s Lt. Governor has no political power since the Lt. Governor is no longer the ex officio President of the Senate, do you believe the Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky should be combined with one of more of the following Offices to save Kentucky taxpayer money:
Auditor of Public Accounts: NO
Commissioner of Agriculture: NO
Secretary of State: NO
Treasurer: NO

12. Do you support a Kentucky law or executive order granting same-sex couples the right to visit their partners in the hospital (if hospitalized)? YES

13. By being forced to register as either Democrat or Republican (since it is nearly impossible for Independents to win elections in Kentucky) that citizens never really know who they are voting for because they do not research the candidate? NO

14. If elected, would you include the issue of a statewide equality law (non discrimination in government and private sector jobs) in the next "State of the Commonwealth?" YES

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