Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Pavilion Community Protest/Rally

Hazard, KY -- Kentucky Equality Federation would like to clarify community questions and issues related to the community protest in Hazard, KY.

"Hazard Mayor Nan Gorman is a women if integrity and class," stated Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer. "She has stated that all people are welcome at The Pavilion and has been receptive, positive, and helpful from the very beginning."

Palmer continued: "We have invited Mayor Nan Gorman and City Manager Carlos Combs to speak at Saturday’s event, as well as Hazard's elected delegation to the Commonwealth's Capitol in Frankfort: Representative Fitz Steele, and Senator Brandon Smith."

Kentucky Equality Federation Assistant Southern Kentucky Regional Director Will Taylor added: "Many religious leaders both in and around Hazard, KY has asked to join us for the peaceful rally at The Pavilion at 2:00 PM.

People are encouraged to make their own signs, but we ask that they keep in mind that this is a peaceful assembly, a right granted to us in Section I of the Kentucky Constitution.”

"Kentucky Equality Federation demands that the person who forced the two gay men to leave The Pavilion issue a formal apology and be reassigned to another area of Hazard's government," stated Kentucky Equality Federation Chairman Richard T. Jones. "The Board of Directors supports decisions made by management, including President Jordan Palmer, Children of LGBTI Parents Outreach Director Julia Oiler Spiegel, Mental Health Outreach Director Kelly Gill, Southern Kentucky Regional Director Anderson Ruth, Assistant Southern Kentucky Regional Director Will Taylor, and Assistant Southern Kentucky Regional Director Shannon L. McKinney.

Kentucky Equality Federation Jordan Palmer also has the benefit of having Mr. Josh Koch as a Special Political Consultant who is also our Public Relations and Media Director, and other elected officials who serve as political consultants not listed on our website. Threats against President Palmer are being taking seriously, but this is not the first time he has received death threats in the name of equality.”

Mending Hearts is a wonderful organization, and Kentucky Equality Federation thanks them for reaching out to us to protect the civil liberties of the two men in question. For additional information, please review the original press release. (more)

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer added that many people will be speaking at the peaceful protest/community rally. "Our intention is to show solidarity against any type of discrimination. Though the City of Hazard prohibits discrimination according to City Attorney Paul R. Collins, this further highlights the fact that the Commonwealth needs a statewide equality law to protect people not only in selected cities but across the entire Commonwealth which is why we continue to focus our efforts at the Kentucky Capitol."

MEDIA UPDATE:  Kentucky Equality Federation, the City of Hazard, and Mending Hearts close the case on the incident involving two gay men forced to leave The Pavilion.

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