Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kentucky Equality Federation terminates alliance with the Libertarian Party of Kentucky

Lexington, KY -- Kentucky Equality Federation today officially terminated a strategic alliance with the Libertarian Party of Kentucky today that began on April 10, 2008. (previous press release) This announcement is being released by Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer.

"Until recently we had open dialogue with the Libertarian Party of Kentucky and they rallied with us in favor of amending the Kentucky Civil Rights Act of 1966 to include sexual orientation and gender identity," said Palmer. "Since the leadership changed, we have had extensive communication gaps with the new leaders of the party. This distance has caused us great concern as we have watched the Libertarian Party of Kentucky become increasingly under the influence of the amorphous Tea Party elements whose anti-equality rhetoric is alarming."

Speaking for the Board of Directors, Chairman Richard T. Jones agreed with the decision which came directly from the Office of the President on the advice of several Regional Directors and confidential political advisers. (Board Resolution - Role of the Chairman and the Office of the President)

"Until recently, the Libertarian Party of Kentucky condemned anti-equality and homophobic comments made by politicians who the media associated as being part of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky," Jones said. "We sincerely hope that they will renew their commitment to the cause of equality by being an influence on their allies, rather than distancing themselves from beliefs they once held dear by standing united with us to bring equality to Kentucky."

Palmer continued: “Kentucky Equality Federation Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors, Outreach Directors, and stand-by volunteers requested the Office of the President reevaluate our alliance with the Libertarian Party of Kentucky. In doing so we realized there are far too many Tea Parties factions in the Commonwealth who oppose equality and associate themselves as being part of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky; it is the responsibility of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky to confirm or deny their affiliations, which they have failed to do. We however will not have a standing alliance with any organization which opposes social and political equality or have not made their positions clear."


Bret Combs said...

I hate to see this happen and it is sad the KY has no strong 3rd party to go to.

Triangle Mirror (Jeff Johnson) said...

On behalf of the Central Region, I want to vocalize my support of this move. While it is always sad to see any agreement cease to be beneficial and no longer supportive of diversity and equal rights, we must remain fluid and a step ahead of those who would take steps backward. My full support sits securely with President Palmer and Chairman Jones.

Kentucky's Gay Politics said...

At this point it is the best thing you could have done KY Equality Federation continues to lead my example and I love you for it.

K. Perez

Anonymous said...

just read this and i have to ask why the fuck anyone even cares about the LP.