Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kentucky Equality Federation elects Chairman of the Board

Lexington, KY -- Kentucky Equality Federation confirmed today that it is beefing up its board of directors with the appointment of veteran activist Richard T. Jones as non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. The members initially appointed Jones to the Board, immediately thereafter, the Board elected Jones Chair.

Jones has been with the organization since October 2009, assisting the the president with administration and communications. Jones also chaired the non-Board Discrimination, Hate Crimes, and School Bullying Committee who has handled more than 40 cases in 2010 alone.

Previously, President Jordan Palmer served as ex officio executive Chairman of the Board in the absence of an elected Chair.  Palmer had previously resigned from the organization, but returned as interim president at the request of the Board of Directors.

"I will be very involved with our volunteers and officers," stated Jones. "I will continue to work for equality for all people and expand Kentucky Equality Federation's reach as the Commonwealth's largest all-volunteer grassroots gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organization and mold our future endeavors and alliances."

Jones continued: "Since my involvement with Kentucky Equality Federation, I have been honored to be able to work with Jordan Palmer and be part of an organization who has worked so hard for equality, but most important, a dream of equality for those who truly have yet to experience it. When I wake up in the morning and begin my work for the day, I feel as though I am helping to fulfill a dream that one day will make a difference for a people who eat, sleep and dream of freedom from persecution."

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