Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Louisville gay couples will remain to make their neighborhood safer after robberies

Louisville, KY -- Two Louisville couples, including Keith McGill and Jim Reeves had personal belongings destroyed and stolen during a robbery. An affectionate letter he and his partner shared with one another was placed on the sofa and urinated on.

These gentlemen live in the Germantown neighborhood known for its diversity and charming homes.

The Louisville Police Department is currently investigating the crimes; this was the second time a gay couple's home has been robbed. Police have stated however that they are not investigating it as hate crimes.

Mr. Reeves told Kentucky Equality Federation that at first glance he was scared, but that fear quickly turned to anger, and disbelieve. The couple stated: "We think that someone thought it was OK because we are gay or that you can enter our home and take whatever you want and it doesn't matter or no one will care." The Germantown couple will stay in their home and work to make the neighborhood and city a safer place for everyone and state that they are not scared.  

Jeff Johnson, a Kentucky Equality Federation Louisville volunteer and Community Blogger stated: "We stand united with the families against those who would try to intimidate us or bring fear to our community."

Richard Jones, Chair of Kentucky Equality Federation stated: "We must rid ourselves of actions through ignorance, we must do more to inform the people of Kentucky, and the world that diversity is a good thing and that fear and prejudice can be overcome through education and understanding."

Kentucky Equality Federation founder Jordan Palmer had no comment and differed to the statements of Johnson and Jones.

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