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Please take a moment to sign these critical action alerts.  An action alert is the term Kentucky Equality Federation, its organization members, allies, and coalition partners call pending legislation that we collectively support, or oppose.

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Action alerts are issued by the Office of the President. The Office of the President consists of the president of Kentucky Equality Federation, political advisers, and in some cases, vice presidents of the Federation as well as managing directors of member organizations such as Marriage Equality Kentucky, the Kentucky HIV/AIDS Advocacy Campaign, and Kentucky Equal Ballot Access. All members of the Office of the President are appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of the President.  

CURRENT ACTION ALERTS (all action alerts are critical):

  • 2014: COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY: Add Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to the Kentucky Civil Rights. Click here to sign now!
  • KENTUCKY CIVIL RIGHTS ACT:  Add sexual orientation and gender identity to the Kentucky Civil Rights Act of 1966. WE ARE KENTUCKY! Click here to sign now!
  • UNITED NATIONS - GAY EXECUTIONS WORLDWIDE:  Ask U.S. Secretary of State Clinton to hold the line on the United Nations Resolution on Extrajudicial Executions: Keep references to sexual orientation and gender identity!  Apart from Human Rights Council resolution 17/19, it is the only UN resolution with an explicit reference to sexual orientation. This year the lead sponsor of the resolution, Sweden, has for the first time included a reference to gender identity, underscoring that no-one may be killed because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Some States are proposing to delete the reference to sexual orientation and gender identity, whilst others wish to remove the entire listing of groups needing explicit protection from killings. Click here to sign!

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    • STATEWIDE EQUALITY LAW:  Recognize LGBTI People as a Protected Class in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; Amend the Kentucky Civil Rights Act of 1966! Click here to sign!
    • STATEWIDE EQUALITY LAW:  Recognize LGBTI People as a Protected Class in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; ask Governor Beshear include the issue in his next "State of the Commonwealth" Address. Click here to sign! 
    • DECLARE JUNE LGBTI PRIDE MONTH:  Governor Beshear, Chief of State, Chief of Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, follow the lead of California Governor Brown and U.S. President Obama and declare June as LGBTI pride/history month in Kentucky. Click here to sign!
    • DATING VIOLENCE: This action alerts is in partnership with the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association. Kentucky House Bill 35 would expand the protective order statute to allow persons who are dating, or have dated, but who have never lived together, and do not have a child in common, to petition for protective orders.  The bill would also expand the warrantless arrest statute to cover all persons in a dating relationship.  Click here to sign!
    • MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Declaration for Marriage Equality in Kentucky (in memory of Kimball Roy). This petition asks for gender-neutral marriage in Kentucky. Click here to sign!
    • RECOGNIZE WORLD AIDS DAY IN KENTUCKY:  Request that the United Nations World AIDS Day be recognized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and personally thank Kentucky Senior Representative Tom Burch, Chair of the House Health and Welfare Committee for sponsoring or co-sponsoring most of the Commonwealth's HIV/AIDS legislation.  Additionally, we recognize the education and prevention legislation passed saved thousands of lives! Click here to sign!
    • DISCRIMINATION: Stop people in Kentucky from being terminated because of sexual orientation or gender identity - Statewide Equality Law. Support House Bill 106 House Bill 117, and Senate Bill 138!  Click here to sign!
    • DISCRIMINATION: Stop people in Kentucky from being terminated because of sexual orientation or gender identity. Support 2011's House Bill 106!  Click here to sign! 
    • IMMIGRATION: Stop Kentucky Senate Bill 6!  The Commonwealth of Kentucky is trying to do the job of the federal government for them. Should this bill be passed, it will make people afraid to call the police for help, report crimes, or testify at trials. An analysis done by legislative staff said the bill could have a "significant" impact on the state's finances by increasing the prison population, which would increase spending by the state Department of Corrections. Click here to sign!
    • KENTUCKY AIDS DRUG ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Hundreds with HIV/AIDS in Kentucky left to die. Restore the Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program! Click here to sign!  UPDATE:  Victory: Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program Funded!