Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Special Statement: Joshua Koch named president of the Kentucky Equality Federation


Berea, KY -- In what came as a complete surprise to the Board of Directors as well as Administration, Kentucky Equality Federation president Jordan Palmer has left his role as president of the Kentucky Equality Federation, effective January 15, 2014. Today, the Interim Committee for Official Membership named Vice President of Policy Joshua Koch, as president of Federation for Kentucky Equality, Inc., and Kentucky Equality Coalition, Inc., collectively known as Kentucky Equality Federation effectively immediately.

"I had been supervising day-to-day operations under an administrative regulation later adopted into our bylaws as the most senior member of Administration," stated Joshua Koch.

After more than a decade of managing day-to-day operations, being a major public figure and advocate, including getting the federal government to prosecute the first gay hate crime in U.S. history, holding protests around the commonwealth, and being a unifying force, our founder, coined "A Man of the People" by previous Chairman of the Board Richard Thomas Jones, Jordan Palmer resigned with only a statement to Official Membership and the Board of Directors:

"Working to achieve equality for all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other label used to classify and define people by governments and society has been an honor that began for me in 2004. Labeling people based on characteristics is just another way to maintain a 'rank and file' mentality thereby dehumanizing people, by both society and governments.

I plead for everyone to make a conscious choice to refuse to follow the impulses of fear, anger and revenge. At the end of the day, We are all the same in our dreams, goals, and the desire to love. The greatest moment of our lives is when we release fear; do not judge other people..... instead learn from each other and increase your understanding of life.

I believe Kentucky Equality Federation and its member organizations have maintained a stable, objective balance. I leave this organization in the hands of a capable Board as well as Administration with regional directors and outreach directors around the Commonwealth."

Koch continued: "It has been my privilege to serve with President Palmer and Chairman Combs for some time, and I am eager to continue our work. While every organization has its transitions, Kentucky Equality Federation will always bear the mark of its founder. President Palmer has guided the organization through very challenging times, and he remains a fundamental force of the Kentucky Equality Federation family. He is our friend, mentor, and inspiration, and, while his office has changed, those aspects will not. Going forward, Chairman Combs and I will manage operations of the organization, and we will continue to offer the services and advocacy for which Kentucky Equality Federation is known.

It is our understanding that Mr. Palmer will continue his role as Secretary-General for the Southern Kentucky Brigade of Kentucky Colonels, an unaffiliated organization."

Chairman of the Board Brandon Combs issued the following statement:

"President Jordan Palmer has led the Kentucky Equality Federation through the roughest of circumstances time and time again in an effort to bring equality for all people in the commonwealth of Kentucky. His accomplishments deserve nothing less than a the highest of praise from every equality-minded person, ally, and citizen of the entire Commonwealth.

The Kentucky Equality Federation is moving forward, and will continue to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth under newly appointed President Joshua Koch. He, in tandem with the Office of the Chair, are committed to moving forward by providing the highest levels of service and advocacy."


Luke said...

He didn't leave soon enough. I suppose he will run for office in Kentucky using his position on equality as a stepping stone. Palmer has always had a massive ego thinking anything in Kentucky concerning gays, he take credit! Not gone soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

This is actually a ridiculous statement. Seriously, a lot of what has been accomplished by G.L.B.T.I. in KY Can be attributed to the hard work and tireless dedication of Mr. Palmer. Even in the face of adversity he has managed to prevail, where others would have surely failed or given up.